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Kylie Brant FAQ

Here are a few of the questions I'm asked more frequently...


Where do you get your ideas?

I’ve just always had them. I don’t know what you all were daydreaming about in school, but I always had a storyline running in my head. It was just a few years ago that I learned nope, not everyone has them. Hmm. Makes me glad I’m a writer. Otherwise those storylines might be mistaken for hallucinations, and I’d have to spend my days heavily medicated. (Which some days doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.)

Anything can spark an idea. A song lyric, a scene in a movie, a news story. Then I just play the ‘what if’ game until a story unfolds.

So…are all those scenes from personal experience?

I assume you’re talking about the love scenes, not the murder scenes. If so…no. But my husband lives in hope.

Do you want a great story? You should write about my life!

I don’t write fantasy.

Does the murder and mayhem in your books make your husband nervous?

No, but the research books in my office do.

How do you start a new book?

When I begin I know the main characters, their backgrounds and the conflicts. I have ideas for a few scenes and I know how it’s going to end. I figure someone’s going to die, but not necessarily who. And I don’t always know who the villain will be. And that’s about it. If you’re surprised at the end of one of my books, consider the fact that I was probably almost as shocked as you.

Which is your favorite book?

Whichever one I just finished.

You’re a teacher…why don’t you write books for children?

I figure kiddie books about serial killers and shootouts would have a limited market, but that’s just me. Seriously, with five kids of my own and eighteen more on a daily basis? That’s not enough for you?

How long does it take you to write a book?

As long as they give me. You know what they say: hard work pays off in the long run, but procrastination pays off now. I need deadlines to structure my writing time, and then I’m very disciplined about sticking to schedule and writing as fast as I need to in order to finish the book by deadline.

How would your family describe you?

Oh, let’s not ask them. My kids would say she thinks she’s funny. (I am.) She’s a pretty good cook. (How sad that they think so.) She writes porn. (I told you not to ask them.) My husband would say she’s a lot more fun on vacation. (Also true.)

Do you need any help with the (wink, leer) research?

I am working on a sticky scene right now, and you do bear a striking resemblance to the murder victim. Care to stand in?

What’s a typical writing day like for you?

I get up and exercise for a couple hours since I’m going to be spending the rest of the day with my butt glued to the chair. Then I spend a half hour reading email, going on Diet Coke runs and playing solitaire. Finally I open my wip and edit the previous chapter. I write ten pages a day, which might take me three hours, or all day and evening, depending on how distracted I get by the email loops. But I don’t stop until I have the pages done.

During the school year my writing time is nights and weekends. I average a chapter and a half a week, two chapters during the summer. The rest of my free time is spent on research. This is why I got my husband a dog for companionship.

I don’t work with critique partners, because I freak at the idea of someone reading my work before it’s finished. I edit as I go along, so once I’ve reached the end I do a quick read and make notes on everything that needs to be changed. Then I insert the changes, which might include light editing or slashing and completely rewriting scenes. Finally I print the manuscript out for the first time and send it in.

I’m a ruthless self-editor. If I saw the manuscript ten times prior to production, I’d change it ten times. They’re wise to limit my peeks at it!

Does the suspense in your books reflect your life?

Only if you consider cleaning up after the dog suspenseful. That’s about as exciting as it gets around here.

So. . .why romantic suspense?

I've never been a chick-flick kind of gal. Never been much for tear-jerkers. Who needs the extra emotional drama? You remember the five kids, right? Whether it's a book or a movie, I want action. And when it's paired with a satisfying romance, that's all the better! So I write the type of stories that I enjoy most.

Is your husband the hero of all your books?

Absolutely. The man irons. Need I say more?




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